Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps in Tillsonburg: Maintenance & Repair

You’ve made a popular choice and invested in an energy-efficient heat pump to meet all your heating and cooling needs. G.C. Lounsbury’s team of trained technicians are standing by to help with heat pumps in Tillsonburg if you need a repair. However, some preventative TLC can prevent the need for a repair from happening in the first place. Be sure your heat pump is in top working condition by scheduling annual maintenance with us. Our team of professionals will inspect the filters, blower and indoor coil for dirt and other obstructions so that your heat pump runs smoothly, allowing you to be comfortable in your home during the changing seasons. Contact G.C. Lounsbury for all your heat pump needs today!

Heat Pumps in Tillsonburg include maintenance & repair as shown with this technician doing a heat pump repair

Common Problems With Heat Pumps

If you’re experiencing issues with your heat pump, get in touch with us today to book an appointment for one of our technicians to come by and take a look. Here’s a list of the most common problems:

  • Low Refridgerant Levels
  • Ice Buildup or Obstruction
  • Defrost Cycle Malfunction
  • Electrical Issues
  • Noisy Operation
  • Thermostat Issues
residential heat pump outside on a deck with fall leaves around it

Heat Pumps in Tillsonburg: Sales & Installation

Looking to have a heat pump installed or added to your existing heating system? Look no further than G.C. Lounsbury! We’re ready to assist with helping you choose the right heat pump to suit your home comfort needs. With our expertise, competitive pricing, and dedication to outstanding customer service, you can be sure that we’ll meet all your heat pump needs! Start enjoying the quiet operation, lower energy costs and balanced temperatures that you’ll get from an environmentally friendly heat pump and request a free quote today!

Nothing But the Best

The moment our licensed technicians walk into your door, expect nothing but the best from them. Our team offers:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Dedication
  • Integrity
  • Latest Equipment and Techniques
  • On Budget
  • On Time
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Reliable and Sound Advice

For a pocket-friendly home upgrade, call us now at 519-842-3807 or dial 519-688-5999 for after hours service. For further inquiries, you can also send us an email.