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Complete Water Treatment Systems

Water cleans our body and keeps us alive. However, dirty or polluted water can bring disease and lead to death. To have a good supply of clean water free from contaminants and other pollutants, go to G.C.Lounsbury at Tillsonburg, ON. Whether you need hot water for a soothing bath or a water treatment system to get rid of pollutants, we have you covered.

Water Softeners

These remove calcium and magnesium for cleaner clothes and better tasting water. They also reduce scale build-up that ruins taps, pipes, and appliances.

three white air purifiers

Water Purifiers

Your water may look okay to the naked eye, but it may be teeming with unwanted bacteria that could make you sick. Don’t end up in a hospital! Purify household water with our water treatment systems that include reverse osmosis, whole house purifiers, area filters, ultraviolet light, and others.

Iron Filters

Well water isn’t so well. It may contain iron, rust, sulfur, manganese, and other contaminants that could stain clothes, leave a bad taste in the mouth, and harm your body. Remove them with our trusted iron filters and sleep better.

Water Heaters

Hot water is important unless you prefer having a cold shower early in the morning. A hot bath is relaxing and can calm your nerves. Have one with our water heaters and boilers that can heat your entire home.

Turn on the heat on chilly nights and have clean water for a healthy body! For details,
call 519-842-3807 or use our toll-free number at 1-888-880-0274.